Regathering Soon!!

Regathering Soon!!

Good morning church!

I hope you all are having a great weekend and happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of our mothers!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on when and how we are planning to resume our in-person services at church.  As of now, we are anticipating resuming Sunday morning worship on May 24th at 10:30 AM, with the understanding that this date is subject to change.

We will resume Bible Studies, Sunday school and other programs or activities progressively over the next few months.  So as of now, we will only be resuming in-person worship on May 24th.

Over the next couple weeks, we will be doing deep cleaning and sanitizing of the church facilities.  When we do return, some things will be slightly different from what we are typically accustomed to.  We will be practicing physical distancing and utilizing the Sanctuary as well as the Fellowship Hall to conduct the worship service.  Initially, the nursery will not be open and we will not have children’s church as we regather.  All those ministries will be phased in as things continue to improve.

We will give further instructions and updates weekly as we anticipate regathering again.  But in the meantime, keep praying, keep being the hands and feet of Jesus and please continue to watch the worship service on either Facebook, YouTube or by going to our new website

I hope you all have a great Saturday and I look forward to being in service with you all online tomorrow morning!

Bro Jeremy